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December Vegetable garden Calendar: What to do in your garden?

December is a slow month for the vegetable gardener. There is not much to sow, and not much to harvest. At the same time may is 5 months away so what are we going to do until we can finally start filling up the garden again?

By Raymond Meijer

December is a slow month for the vegetable gardener. Although most fruits and vegetables have been harvested by now, there are still some late bloomers to harvest. We now have Brussels sprouts, kale, carrots, kohlrabi and leeks left in the garden to harvest in December. But what can you do in your garden while daytime temperatures outside hit below zero? Let’s take a look at our December Calendar.

December Brussels Sprouts

What to do in the vegetable garden in December

Although the vegetable garden is a little quieter at this time of year, it’s important to make preparations for next year.

Make a vegetable garden plan

What we love most about Christmas is making a vegetable garden plan. We often have days off between Christmas and New Year’s so this is the ideal time to make a nice plan for the garden. By making a plan you can get much more out of your garden both in terms of harvest and enjoyment. You’ll be less behind the times and you’ll always have your garden beds full.

Cleaning up and preparing

Of course, it’s also important to prepare your garden well for next year. Get rid of all the weeds, harvest everything that can be harvested and rake your beds. But it is also smart to already apply a good layer of compost of about 2.5cm (1 inch). We use Charles Dowding’s easy no-dig method, which saves us from having to dig the compost into the ground, this saves a lot of labor and time. By applying compost you improve the soil for next year. We do this now so the micro-organisms can start to break down all the larger pieces so your bed will be ready when you plant out in May.

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Protecting your crops

Not entirely unimportant is protecting what is still growing such as the sprouts and kale. Birds and rabbits are starting to look more and more for food and if they find your cabbage they will leave little for you. There are also flowers or vegetables that could use some protection in the form of fleece. Think of ranunculus that you want to overwinter, they hardly survive without a protective cover.

What vegetables can you sow in December?

Of course, we all want to sow something every month, but December is not really an ideal month for sowing. You can sow spinach and hardy herbs in a greenhouse or indoors. It is important that you harden them off well before they go outside. 

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What to do when it freezes in December?

If it is freezing in your area, protecting your plants from frost is important. You can do this by covering them with a layer of mulch or leaves, or by covering them with fleece. This can help warm the soil and protect the plants from the cold. This will ensure that your plants stay in good condition until spring.

With these tips, you will be well prepared to take care of your vegetable garden in December. That way you will have a good start for the spring.

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