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Back-order information

There has been such a great response to the products on our webshop that we run out of stock faster than we can produce them. Since we’ve gotten so many requests about the possibility of ordering even though we don’t have stock we’ve decided to open up the products to be back-ordered.

What does back-order mean?

Back-order gives you the possibility to make a (paid) reservation for the products. That way you will be first in line to receive the products once back in stock.

How long before I receive my order?

That’s a valid question. But also one that is hard to answer. We always get estimations from the suppliers but anything can happen over a few weeks time period.

We are always working towards a certain timeframe (in this case estimated to be the end of March). Since we are receiving multiple shipments some arrive this week and some not until the 8th of April.

If we happen to receive the products to fulfill your order this week, we will ship them out on the weekend or Monday. If not it will be next week.

Thank you for your patience

We are working around the clock to fulfill all orders and provide you with the best customer service and reply to all your questions (which are a lot). Luckily we love helping you and providing you with the tools you need for this season!

Expect your order to be shipped out this or next week. Once it is shipped and received by the carrier you will receive your tracking link to follow the package.

We are really thankful for all the amazing responses about the products on our webshop and want to thank you for your kindness and patience. 

For now, Happy gardening and we’ll be in touch about your package!

Raymond & Nicole