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Growing plants without the hassle.

use a sturdy seed tray


Avoid dissapointment


Reduce your effort


Grow stronger plants


Let the seed tray do the work

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No Thanks. I don’t want the HASSLE FREE seed tray.
I’ll stay frustrated with my broken ones.

Growing plants without the hassle.

use a sturdy seed tray


Avoid dissapointment


Grow stronger plants


Reduce your effort


Let the seed tray do the work

No Thanks. I don’t want the HASSLE FREE seed tray.
I’ll stay frustrated with my broken ones.




Growing plants should not be frustrating

Without the right tools, you need to start seedlings for your garden, the result is that…

Your seeds won't germinate

Your garden will have empty spots

You'll wonder if you did something wrong

You won't get that beautiful garden

You'll keep feeling like a "bad gardener"

You'll keep guessing which path leads to garden succes

You don’t have to guess or wonder. Buy sturdy seed trays and get what you need to become a great gardener who doesn’t just grow some plants — You’ll actually have what it takes to grow plants.

It’s Time to Get Rid of the Hassle and Take Back Control

1. Figure out what you want to grow

2. Find your perfect seed tray in our free seed tray finder

3. Start your own plants without the hassle

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Amazing product

Amazing and very easy to use. It’s everything I expected from a tray and more…


Very happy with it

Great for pre-sowing, growing cuttings in and easy to get the plants out. And lovely that it doesn’t break down so quickly! Very happy with it 🙂


Good choice

With the handy seed trays gardening has become
even more fun

What if I'm not satisfied?

We offer a full refund plus a return label if you are not satisfied with the product. But, we’ve jet to receive our first full refund.

What is the shipping time?

All orders before 16:00 will be shipped out with next-day delivery (in the netherlands).  Orders after 16:00 will be packed the next day. More information on shipping times can be found here

Are the trays realy as sturdy as claimed?

We know it’s easy for us to say it’s the “best” seed tray in the EU. But we firmy believe in that statement. We haven’t found a proper seed tray from another company that comes close to what our seed trays can do. But, we do offer a full refund plus return shipping label, so feel free to try it out yourself.

What's so good about the seed tray?

The main features that make the seed tray so good is not that it’s sturdy. But the fact that it grows great seedlings. The shape of the cells promotes healthy root growth compared to rootbound seedlings.

How to water the seed trays?

The best advice we can give for watering any seedlings is from below. For this you can use our add-on the bottom water tray or any bin you have that fits the seedtrays. The advantage of using the bottom water tray is the fact that is helps with air pruning the seedlings, creating even stronger roots.

Where can I find more information?

If you are not yet convinced we employ you to take a look at the wide range of seed trays available and look at the possibilities!

Which seed tray is right for you?

We have a large collection of all cell sizes for all your plants.

Congratulations! You are elegiable to receive your first seed tray for free.


Because you have to experience it.


It’s time for your best growing season.


The seed trays run out due to high demand.


Why Use A Seed Tray To Start Plants?

Why use a seed tray

There are many reasons to use a seed tray, but for us the most important reason is more control when starting plants. We no longer have to deal with pests and animals in the early stages of growing. Also using seedtrays we can create the best growing condition for the plant. As an example we start most of our plants in the attic instead of outside.

Which seedtray should you get

Most importantly to know which seed tray you need is the questions “what would you like to grow”. If you know what you grow, we know what seed tray you need. Head over to our seed tray finder and search for what you want to grow!

When to water seed trays

Watering your seed trays depends on the stage of your plants. Water once very thorough when planting the seeds and don’t water again untill the seeds have germinated. Once germinated it’s good to water again if the compost looks dry.

How do you know when to water? Lift up the seed tray. A tray filled with moist compost ways way more than a tray with dry compost. Also, look at the compost and your plants. They are the best indicator for water needs. Are the leaves hanging? They need water!

How to use a seed tray

Since growing in a seed tray is not always as easy, we’ve made a full masterclass on sowing that you can watch for free. Head over to our free course page to find more information. 

Where to buy cheap seed trays

Buying cheap seed trays can be done on our website. Just buy any of the sturdy seed trays we provide. They are a bigger investment to start, but since they last 15 years they are way cheaper over time. Usually a sloppy seed trays lasts about one to two years. Let’s say it’s two years and the price is €1,- (which is cheap) in 15 years time you will spend the same ammount as for our trays but you won’t have all the growing benefits, ease of use and the time saving!

Seed tray with lid

Growing in seed trays becomes more fun and more successful when creating a controllable environment for your seedlings. For this, we have the Lid for the bottom water tray. Combine the two to create a mini greenhouse and grow even more successfully!