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Weekly high-quality on-demand Masterclasses

A weekly masterclass that takes a subject chosen by the community+ members. We go in great depth on every subject in and around the garden. Think about how to grow carrots, how to sow seeds, how does one plan a garden, or how to prevent slug damage.

The Masterclasses are available until the end of time as long as you are a Community+ member. Meaning we won’t delete any Masterclasses so the database will grow by 52 masterclasses each year. It’s our goal to help you grow successfully with less effort.

Checkmark High quality content
Checkmark Clear and direct information, no time wasted on useless chit chat.
Checkmark Viewable from everywhere (so also from the garden)
Checkmark Learn smart tips and tricks
Checkmark As questions about the Masterclass to learn even more
Checkmark On-demand, whenever you have time.

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