high-quality garden supplies

The Farm Dream was started in the vegetable garden. After being disappointed by many poor-quality gardening products, we decided to change this ourselves. With a passion for gardening, we started offering high-quality alternatives for commonly used gardening products at the beginning of 2021.

Our goal is to expand our product line in the coming years with high-quality gardening products of everything you might need in your (vegetable)garden.

With this, we hope to make a lasting difference in the gardening world and make it possible to grow flowers and vegetables in your own garden in a responsible way


a power team of two

Behind The Farm Dream are Raymond and Nicole. Business and life partners with a combined goal to create a sustainable future. With a combined age of only 58 years, we have plenty of time to make a dent in the industry!

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small beginnings

The Farm Dream started as a small living room journey and is now a renowned name in the gardening community. A short history timeline will show you how it all begin and what our future holds!


apr 2021

All great things start in the living room. Maybe that’s not a saying, but it’s where The Farm Dream started. The dinner table was turned into a packing table and all furniture was moved a side to make space for the seed trays.


may 2021

We quickly realized the living room wasn’t the perfect place to store all the products so it was time to find some storage. A garage box was found with a small fulfillment company. This made sure we could focus on improving the products!


nov 2021

It was time to move out and start our own adventure. A small in-house warehouse was the perfect next step in our journey. More space to pick, pack and grow. Including an office so we could move out of our house!


feb 2022

The new growing season started with a wide range of new products. Anything you could hope for in your growing adventure; seeds, protection, tools and more!



Expansion is on the horizon as we dive further into durable, sturdy and long-lasting garden supplies for your (kitchen)garden. With a wide range of crop protection, raised beds and more being added at the end of the year!