living the farm dream

The Farm Dream has a high-quality, no-nonsense culture. It’s our ambition to change the growing game and create a more sustainable hobby for growers. A culture of honesty, self-directed, energic and gratefulness makes sure we can all be happy gardening.


by nature

Green is the color of nature, dedication and growth. The color describes our passion and ambition better than we can articulate ourselves.



No time for fairy tales, just honesty. By being sincere with ourselves and our customers, we keep an open relationship. We don’t give no for an answer.


hapiness leads

Taking a left turn where the rest goes right. With constant observation and iteration striving for the best solution to every challenge.


without stopping

Energy is contagious, which is why at The Farm Dream we have a High-Energy approach. No problems, but challenges. No mistakes, but learning moments.


what we stand for

Because we are gardeners ourselves we know exactly what you are up against. Gardening should be fun, it only happens when you get into a state of flow with nature. Everything should run smoothly without setbacks. Therefore, Happy Gardening. Therefore, The Farm Dream.