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Behind The Farm Dream are Raymond and Nicole. Business and life partners with a combined goal to create a sustainable future. With a combined age of only 58 years, we have plenty of time to make a dent in the industry!

We are two crazy small-scale farmers from The Netherlands.
We love to grow our own food and flowers while sharing every step of the way.
We are growing on roughly a quarter of an acre (1200m2). Half of which is for the cut flower garden and the other half is for growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Besides sharing our passion we have decided to share the products we love to use on our small-scale farm from seed trays and accessories to seeds and bulbs.

Since we are only a two-man band we do everything ourselves from packing to marketing to product design. But we are thinking about expanding our team!


the four p’s

My name is Raymond and I’m all about growing food. It’s quite funny because I used to like nothing but the four P’s; Pizza, Pancakes, Pasta and Fries (Patat in Dutch)

Now a day’s I want to grow and taste any food I can think of. My vegetable growing journey started when I met Nicole. She inspired me to start growing food again.

Yes, again… I’ve actually completed a study about growing food, flowers
and raising cattle back in the day. But I figured it wasn’t for me 15 years ago.

After Nicole introduced me to the subject again a few years back I finally understood what the fuss was all about.

Now I’m growing over 60 different varieties of vegetables and more than 15 different kinds of fruits


love for growing things

My name is Nicole and I’m in charge of our small flower farm. Since I was a young girl I was drawn to growing things in the garden. I started growing vegetables in my parents’ garden for our guinea pigs and the horses. Especially pulling carrots was great fun!

When I got older I moved to study Chemistry and in our student house, the garden was packed with bicycles. I felt I was missing something creative. At university, I worked with resin and got inspired by it to make jewelry with real flowers (Nora Jewels). Looking for special flowers I discovered a big cut flower garden close by. Every summer I visited the lady’s garden to pick and dry her flowers for my jewelry. I told her one day I’d love to create one too.

When I met Raymond, he lived in a rental house with a garden full of tiles and stones. Inspired by my colleague who also grew vegetables we decided to build two square meter vegetable beds. Bit by bit we turned the entire garden upside down and planted as many flowers as possible.

Soon we realized that gardening turned into a passion that inspired so many friends that we had to find a way to share our passion with the world. The Farm Dream was born!