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Top 10 Most Liked Flower Seeds

Flowers bring vibrant colors and scents to our gardens. When you're looking for the most delightful blooms, it helps to know what others have tried and loved. Our list isn't just about sales; it reflects the genuine affection of garden enthusiasts like you. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just starting out, here are the seeds that have won many hearts this year.
  • Our Choicecosmos apricot lemonade flower seeds

    Cosmos Apricot Lemonade – 50 seeds

    Rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 ratings
    50 - 60 cm
    Add to cart 3.50

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  • Our Choicerudbeckia hirta sahara grown from seed

    Rudbeckia hirta Sahara

    75 - 90 cm
    Add to cart 4.50

    Ordered now, delivered Friday

  • chinese aster apricot seeds

    Chinese Aster King Size Apricot – 100 seeds

    80 cm
    Add to cart 2.75

    Ordered now, delivered Friday

  • zinnia creasto peach and cream

    Zinnia Cresto Peaches and Cream (April 2024)

    75 cm
    Read more 2.50

    Not available

  • zinnia queen lime red seeds

    Zinnia Queen Lime Red

    80 - 90 cm
    Add to cart 3.50

    Ordered now, delivered Friday

  • strawflower salmon rose seeds

    Strawflower Salmon Rose

    90 cm
    Read more 2.95

    Not available

  • Limonium Suworowii – Sea Lavender

    75 - 90 cm
    Read more 2.75

    Not available

  • cosmos apricotta flower seeds shop europe

    Cosmos Apricotta – 50 seeds

    60 - 80 cm
    Add to cart 3.50

    Ordered now, delivered Friday

  • cosmos seeds cupcakes blush flowering

    Cosmos Cupcakes Blush – 50 seeds

    120 cm
    Add to cart 3.95

    Ordered now, delivered Friday

  • snapdragon seeds madame butterfly doubble flowers bronze

    Snapdragon Madame Butterfly Bronze

    90 cm
    Add to cart 3.50

    Ordered now, delivered Friday

Flower Seeds

Why Cosmos and Rudbeckia Stand Out

Among the plethora of flower seeds available, Cosmos Apricot Lemonade and Rudbeckia Hirta Sahara stand out due to their unique colors, ease of growth, and long-lasting blooms. Their popularity isn't just about aesthetics; these flowers are robust and can thrive in various conditions, making them a favorite among gardeners.

The Allure of Top Selling Seeds

Our list of most-liked flower seeds goes beyond mere sales figures. It's about the experience, the joy of watching a tiny seed grow into a full-fledged, breathtaking bloom. Whether you're into vibrant Zinnias, elegant Lupins, or the rustic charm of Phlox, there's something here for every garden enthusiast.

Sowing and Nurturing Your Flowers

Selecting your seeds is just the start. Proper sowing and care can make a significant difference in your floral yield. Dive into our guides on autumn and late-winter sowing and tips on using a seed tray for optimal results.

Tools for the Flower Enthusiast

While flowers are the main attraction, having the right tools can elevate your gardening experience. Explore our range of seed trays and essential garden accessories to help your seeds flourish.

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