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Flower seeds

Every year we get to enjoy our garden with an oasis of flowers all the way from soil level to above our heads. This is one of those things you just have to experience to understand. And once you did, you will want to have your own garden. We’ve selected a wide range of unique and beautiful flower seeds to get you started on your oasis.

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Harvest your flowers for your homegrown flower bouquet!

Tugging on your plants to harvest the flowers can create unnecessary stress for them. Using these nifty harvesting scissors, you can safely harvest your flowers!

Flower seeds

Growing flowers from seeds

In a garden center, you can buy all kinds of beautiful flowers and plants. But you can also grow them yourself from seeds! You can grow perennials, annual flowers, and cut flowers from seeds. At The Farm Dream, we mainly offer seeds of flowers that you can plant in the garden but also use for bouquets.

Passion for gardening

Gardening is a super fun outdoor activity. Besides the fact that you can create a beautiful colorful garden with your own hands, gardening is also very relaxing for your mind. In the garden, you can be completely at one with nature around you and time doesn’t seem to exist. The fragrant flowers attract the most unusual insects and the soil is full of life. Birds come to inspect and everything seems to work together in a small ecosystem in your own backyard.

Grow your own flowers at home

You can grow many beautiful and unusual types of flowers in your own garden. Most of them are also fantastic cut flowers. We have made a selection of seeds that are specially bred for their long stems and beautiful strong flowers and colours. Zinnias, for example, are easy to grow yourself and are very strong cut flowers. With our seeds, you can pick your own bouquets in your own backyard from early summer until autumn night frost! You can extend the season with tulips, ranunculus, anemones, peonies or other early flowering plants.

Grow unique flowers

Grow your own flowers from seeds is fun but you can also choose to grow unusual types of flowers. In the garden centers, you can find a lot of plants which you can plant in pots or in the garden. But these are not always suitable for picking. Often, the varieties are also unique in terms of color and shape but the quality of the plant is much lower because plants are kept in small pots for a long time. Many garden centers do not sell unique annual plants either. And it is precisely these annual flowers that are so beautiful! Cosmos, for example, is a real vibrant summer flower that you should definitely try!

Growing plants without pesticides

Those who sow their own plants also know how they have grown. The regularly offered plants you find in garden centers are grown as fast as possible and often artificially brought into flowering to look attractive for customers. For this, they use artificial fertilizer and light. In addition, growers often use pesticides to keep plants healthy. In greenhouses and large-scale cultivation, there is little biodiversity and plants can suffer from pests, fungi, and viruses. The growth must be a success because the company has to make money in order to make a profit.

Grow strong flowers and plants

When we grow our own flowers, we sow in accordance with the seasons. We take good care of our plants grow them in compost or good rich potting soil and give them plenty of time to develop. Slowly, we let plants get used to the weather conditions outside. This is called hardening off and prevents plants from going into shock and stopping growth or even dying. When they are used to the fresh air outside, young plants get space to grow bigger before the flowering season starts. If plants are kept in small pots for too long, growth stops because the roots no longer have room to support the plant’s extra growth. Once they are properly rooted in their new location, they will be able to flourish as soon as the days become longer and the weather warms up. The plants will be much fuller, give larger flowers, and often have much longer stems. This is, of course, very important if you like to pick your own bouquet!