It’s safe to say that with more than 11.000 hectares, 8000 varieties, and Tulip mania (1634) we love our tulips like no other flower. With that, there are a few growers that are now converting to growing biological. Our tulips come from a family in The Netherlands that does just that. The tulips are grown in a safe way for nature and humans.

Our Favorites

Believe it or not, but 2021 was our first year visiting the Tulip fields.
But from now on we will probably go every year.
It’s like someone put huge carpets on top of the land. A beautiful sight that
if you ever have the opportunity you should definitely take a look.

Royal Virgin

Nicole loves to add color to our garden but these beautiful white tulips just grab her attention like nothing else. The bright snow-like color just can’t be missed.


The Tompouce (mille-feuille) like tulip called Siesta can’t be forgotten. With its pink/yellow color it’s definitely one of our favorites.


One of the darkest colors available in the world of tulips. Did you know they can’t seem to produce a black one? A lot of growers are trying but so far no one has managed to get it done.

Bulb planter (Tulips, daffodils, Aliums)

Planting bulbs, tubers, or potatoes?
The bulb planter is the perfect tool to easily plant bulbs and potatoes.
With a total depth of 10cm and a width of 6cm, almost every bulb and potato fits into the hole made.

Tulip Mixes

Tulips for a colorful spring

Spring flower bulbs

After a long, boring, and cold winter tulips are one of the early flowers to welcome you back into the garden. As soon as the sunbeams warm up the soil tulips will start to wake up. For weeks they will shine and give color to the often still sleeping garden. Winter is almost over! 

Can I grow Tulips?

almost anyone situated in Europe (where we ship to) can plant tulip bulbs. Tulips are by far the easiest to grow cut and garden flowers we have ever grown. Because tulip bulbs store food to grow inside the bulb they need little care. However, in order to start blooming tulips need a period of cold weather. As long as your winters are below 10 degrees Celsius for 8 weeks or more your climate is suitable to grow tulips. 

Tulips in pots

Because tulips are winter hardy and all the nutrients are stored in the bulb you can grow tulips in pots, tubs, and containers.  No matter how big or small your garden or balcony is, everyone can grow colorful spring bulbs. That’s why we love to grow tulips. They don’t require much care, can be planted close together and you can pick flowers for the vase. Did you know fresh tulips easily last over a week in the vase?!

Flower arrangements with tulips

The tulip fields in The Netherlands are filled with endless varieties of tulips. Some tulip varieties are very short, great to plant at the front of your garden, or in pots. While others grow very tall, making them perfect cut flowers. The tulips we selected will grow long stems. When you create flower arrangements with tulips keep in mind that the tulips will grow in the vase. the stems will grow a bit longer so cut them shorter when you create your dutch masterpiece. 

Tulips are great cutflowers

Compared to the tulips you can buy in the supermarket, homegrown tulips will be much bigger and stronger. Because we plant tulip bulbs in the soil to slowly grow all winter long your tulips will have much more time to develop. When you pull your fresh tulips from the garden they will last a week, easily! 

The Dutch and their tulips

The Dutch people and their relationship with tulips go way back. However, tulips were not always part of the Dutch culture. Wild tulips were found around the Mediterranean and further east, all the way to China. In Turkey tulips were cultivated in the fifteenth century for Turkish palaces. Most likely the tulip was sent as a gift to a Dutch botanicus in the sixteenth century.