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Vegetable seeds

Starting out with your own vegetable garden you might be tempted to buy seedlings at your local garden center but we are going to advise you to make your own seedlings from seed! It’s way easier than you think and your plants will most likely grow bigger and better. We’ve selected a wide range of seeds for you to grow!

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Our favourite vegetable seed!

There is always that one thing you like to eat and grow. For us that’s definitely beetroot. It’s something that we’de forgotten about over the last few years but growing our own changed that!

Vegetable seeds

Plant a seed

To be able to harvest, you first have to sow the seeds. Sowing seeds means that a new garden season is around the corner. At the end of the winter, we can’t wait to get our hands dirty in the garden. Both flower and vegetable seeds can be sown at the end of the winter. A new season full of possibilities awaits us. The first signs that winter is almost over!

Choosing your vegetable seeds

Throughout the years, many new types of vegetables have been cultivated. Often the taste is less bitter and the harvest much better. We always advise you to only grow what you would like to eat yourself. If you want quick results, choose vegetables that can be harvested quickly such as radishes or lettuce. If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, reserve a place in the garden for delicious beef tomatoes and a nice courgette plant, for example, Black Forest F1 or Goldrush F1.

Deliciously herbs

Of course, you can grow delicious fresh herbs as well as vegetables. The smell of fresh basil in your garden gives us the feeling of a warm summer evening in Italy. The fresh smell of fresh mint makes you think of fresh fruit water or a cup of Moroccan mint tea. As well as sounds, smells can evoke memories and feelings very strongly. Besides using herbs in drinks and dishes, they also add colour and texture to the garden. Many herbs can also be grown in pots, for instance on your balcony or just outside the kitchen door.

The joy of harvesting

Although as gardeners we love the whole process, the end result always gives us the best feeling. The joy of harvesting your own vegetables is addictive. Even if the vegetables are not perfectly formed or a snail has eaten a bit of your lettuce, the harvest certainly does not taste any less good. We look with pride at our basket filled with the abundance that the garden gives us in return for our hard work. Bon appetit!

Being self-sustainable with a vegetable garden

Besides the fact that gardening gives you a happy feeling and a very relaxed mind, it can provide you and your family and friends with an abundance of harvest. The feeling of being self-sustainable, not having to go to the supermarket and knowing where your food comes from is great. Besides, the taste is often much better and fresh lettuce and spinach contain many more vitamins. No wonder gardening has become so popular!

Grow unique vegetables

There are many different kinds of vegetables, herbs, potatoes and other bulbs and roots you can eat. However, the supermarket only sells what is suitable for commercial cultivation. Price, convenience and shelf life are most important. But if you grow your own food in your garden, you can sow whatever you want! Try old-fashioned varieties of forgotten vegetables, different and unique potatoes or purple broccoli. The possibilities are endless!