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Containerwise Deep Propagation Module Tray (28 cells)


The 28 cell deep module tray is perfect for starting out deep-rooting vegetables, flowers, or young trees. The tray will last you up to 15 years and is made from recycled materials. An Eco-friendly solution to starting out your seeds.

71 in stock

71 in stock

The Containerwise 28 cell deep Long-Life Propagation Module Tray

Besides the 40 cells deep module tray, we also have the 28 cells module tray in the deeper cell variety. This module tray is great for transplanting vegetables or flowers that need a bit more space before plant out (for example because the weather is still too cold). But you can also start out with young trees like oaks, walnuts, and chestnuts with these trays due to the large cell size.

With a super deep 120mm (~4.7") cell it's perfect for plants that love some extra space for their roots.

Because of its big size, the tray can get quite heavy. Therefore on both sides of the tray, small edges are present for better grip.

What can you start in these trays?
- Deep-rooting vegetables like peas, zucchini, pumpkins, and young trees like Oaks and walnuts.

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Eco Friendly
Recycled and recyclable
15 Year Life-expectancy
Large 28 cells
Sturdy material
Additional sides for better grip

Tray Size (mm): 380 x 215 x 120 (~15” x 8” x 4,7”)
Cell Size (mm): 49 x 49 x 120 (~1,92” x 1,92” x 4,7")
Cell Volume (cm³): 210
Plants per m²: 372
Weight (kg): 0.683
Drainage Hole Diameter (mm): 22 (~0,9”)

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Additional information

Weight 683 g
Dimensions 38 × 21.5 × 8.5 cm


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