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Containerwise Propagation Module Tray (15 cells)


This propagation module tray with big cells stops you from needing to transplant your tomatoes.

It has replaced all our 9cm pots without the hassle of having to relocate them all separately or not fitting next to each other properly.

169 in stock

169 in stock

 15 cell Long-Life, Strong Propagation Module Tray from Containerwise.

The 15 cell module tray made from strong, durable, and recycled plastic is perfect to grow your tomatoes or other larger plants until you can plant them outside. We like to use the 15 cell tray as a replacement for all the separated P9 flower pots.

If you are growing tomatoes, peppers, or watermelons this could be the right tray for you. Because of the big cell size (almost a 9cm pot), you don't need to transplant before you transplant your plants outside.
Module trays are a great way to extend your growing season and grow more in less space. By starting out your seedlings indoors or undercover you can save months of growing time outside. This especially helps with a short growing season or to grow more in less space.

All Containerwise trays are made out of recycled hard plastic to ensure a long life of about 15 years. Due to the use of sturdy material the trays are easy to hold with just one hand. These trays will not break or bend when used as intended. The material is UV treated to prevent degradation due to sun exposure.

What can you start in these trays?
- Larger vegetables like tomatoes or melons or any other plants you normally would grow or buy in 9 cm (P9) flower pots.

Eco Friendly
Recycled and recyclable
15 Year Life-expectancy
15 large cells
Strong material
Easy to bottom water
Easy to take the plants out

Tray Size (mm): 350 x 215 x 90 (~14” x 8” x 3.5”)
Cell Size (mm): 69 x 69 x 90 (~2,7” x 2,7” x 3,5")
Cell Volume (cm³): 310
Plants per m²: 204
Weight (kg): 0.275
Bottom Drainage Hole Diameter (mm): 24 (~0,9”)

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Additional information

Weight275 g
Dimensions35 × 21.5 × 9 cm

1 review for Containerwise Propagation Module Tray (15 cells)

  1. Lea Walter

    Excellent! I love them, I have all my tomato seedlings in them and they are doing great!

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