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Cornflower purple mix (Centaurea cyanus) Classic Magic
Imagine a delightful blend of captivating purples and gentle lilac tones, all coming together in this charming mix of cornflowers. From rich purples to pure whites with a touch of lilac, these flowers offer a diverse palette that’s incredibly easy to grow and perfect for your homegrown bouquets. With their graceful, tall stems reaching up to 90 cm, these cornflowers are a cut-and-come-again variety. The more you pick, the more they bloom, ensuring a constant supply of beautiful flowers.

If you’re planting them as border plants, a little deadheading can extend their blooming season. Keep in mind that these plants thrive in moderately rich soil; excessive fertilizer may lead to more leaves than flowers. For added support and a tidy appearance, consider offering gentle support to these charming plants. Cornflower Classic Magic Purple Mix will add that cottage garden and wildflower look to your garden.

Planting information to grow cornflowers from seed:
Plant type: hardy annual
flowers grow 60 to 90 centimeters tall
Will do great in full sun or partial shade
Sowing time:
Autumn and spring
Bloom time:
starts 60-80 days after sowing
20-25 centimeters between each plant
Takes 7-14 days in temperatures of 10-20°C
yes, pinching your cornflowers (cutting the top of young plants) results in full and bushy plants
June to August, depending on the weather and moment of sowing
Pollinator-friendly: Yes, the open flowers are visited by bees
Recommended seed tray or pot: any small to medium-sized cell seed tray or pot will work
Level of difficulty: Not difficult at all!
The package contains: 200+ seeds

Tips to grow cornflower or bachelor buttons from seed
Cornflower Classic Magic is an easy-to-grow plant and can be directly sown from April till mid-June. For early flowers, this plant can be sown in the greenhouse in autumn or early spring because this plant is very cold-tolerant. If you would like to grow cornflowers as cut flowers you can prolong your harvesting window by sowing twice, once in autumn or early spring, and once directly sown (or in trays to safe garden space) in early May.

When to pick the flowers
To get the longest vase life harvest individual flowers when buds are about halfway open. If you like to use larger branches cut stems when most of the buds in them are colored. You can enjoy the flowers at home for up to 7 days. It is not the longest vase life possible but these flowers are worth including in your bouquet.


Plant type

Hardy annual

Flower height

60 – 80 cm

Days to mature

65 – 85 days

Sun requirements

Full sun to partial shade

Plant distance

20 cm, 25 cm

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Cornflower Purple mix


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