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Crazy about ranunculus – Mix Box – 30 corms – SEPT 2023



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Discount on all ranunculus and anemones, all combinations possible.

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Crazy about ranunculus – Mix Box with 6 fantastic colors

A ranunculus box with a mix of all the available colors is a great solution for those who can’t decide or have limited space to grow multiple varieties. It allows you to enjoy a diverse range of ranunculus colors without having to choose favorites.

This mix is particularly suitable for those who prefer growing ranunculus in pots around their house. Planting them in pots can add a beautiful touch of color and charm to your outdoor or indoor spaces.

By offering a smaller quantity of each color in the box, it provides the opportunity to grow a variety of ranunculus without overwhelming your garden or container space. It’s a convenient option for ranunculus enthusiasts who want to experience the beauty and variety of these flowers without the need for extensive planting.

Whether you’re a ranunculus lover or enjoy adding vibrant blooms to your surroundings, this mix of ranunculus colors offers a delightful solution to fulfill your gardening desires.

The package contains 30 bulbs or corms!
5 x Ranunculus Cotton Candy
5x Ranunculus Silky White
5x Ranunculus Peach
5x Ranunculus Violetta
5x Ranunculus Ice Cream Dip
5x Ranunculus Raspberry

If you like to grow them together you can sign up for a free e-mail course. You can sign up for October, February, or both.

Plant information:
Plant type: half-hardy annual or short-lived perennial
Height: 40 – 50 centimeters
Position: full sun or partial share
Start: Autumn and/or late winter
Number of days until plants bloom: 90-100 days
Distance between the plants: 25-30 centimeters
Germination: 14 days at 10-15 °C
Pinching: no
Flowers: March to June depending on the weather
Number of corms  per pack: 30

Growing beautiful ranunculus at home

To grow ranunculus successfully, you have the option to start them in autumn or late winter, depending on your climate and preferences.

Autumn Start: If your winters are mild, you can start ranunculus in a greenhouse or cold frame in seed trays. Alternatively, you can pre-sprout them and plant them out in the garden. In a cold climate like the Netherlands, plant out in a greenhouse or low tunnel in late January for flowering in March. If planting outdoors, protect them from heavy rain starting around the end of February. When temperatures drop below -6°C, use horticultural fleece for protection. If you have dry and mild winters, no additional protection is needed.

Late Winter Start: For those in cold and wet climates who don’t have a greenhouse or prefer not to care for plants in winter, late winter (beginning of February) is the ideal time to start ranunculus. Plant them in seed trays or P9 flower pots and grow them in a greenhouse, polytunnel, or propagator to protect them from heavy rainfall. Once the plants are of sufficient size and the weather is milder (around mid-March in the Netherlands), you can transplant them into the garden. Flowering typically occurs in May.

When starting ranunculus, soak the corms in water for 6 hours to wake them up and help them grow. After soaking, plant them in potting soil with perlite, ensuring the soil is free-draining and airy to prevent rotting. Various tray sizes can be used, such as the 40 cells tray for spring-started corms or the 28-cell propagation tray for winter growth in a greenhouse. Alternatively, P9 plant pots or a 15-cell large tray can be used. Plant the ranunculus corms with the “octopus legs” down and cover them with a thin layer of topsoil.

Store the planted corms in a room or cellar with temperatures between 10°C and 15°C. It typically takes around 2 weeks for the corms to start growing. Once the shoots emerge, provide them with ample light in a greenhouse or similar environment (avoid direct sunlight through a windowsill). Protect the fresh corms from rodents, as they may be eaten. However, once the corms have developed leaves and roots, this becomes less of an issue.

When the ranunculus plants have filled their cell or pot, transplant them into free-draining soil. If you experience cold winters, cover the plants with frost protection below -8°C. The foliage is susceptible to frost damage due to its thickness and water content. If the plants get frozen, you can cut them back, and new stems will grow in their place.

Ranunculus flowers are ready to be picked when they feel soft. Although they may initially appear small, they will open up in the vase. To maximize their vase life, refresh the water regularly. With proper care, ranunculus flowers can last up to 10 days.

When growing ranunculus in pots, it’s recommended to plant a maximum of 3 plants in a 15-liter container. Provide them with regular plant nutrition and use fresh potting soil. Ensure the soil doesn’t completely dry out, as pots tend to dry out faster than garden soil. Avoid overcrowding the plants in one pot, as this can impede their growth. Despite their small appearance initially, healthy ranunculus plants can reach a diameter of 25 to 30 cm.


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Crazy about ranunculus – Mix Box – 30 corms – SEPT 2023


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