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Deluxe XL Heated Greenhouse with Ventilated Lid


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Introducing the Deluxe XL Heated Greenhouse with Ventilated Lid – the ultimate solution for nurturing and growing even the most challenging seeds and cuttings. Designed with exceptional insulation and a robust heating element, this propagator ensures healthy, rapid growth for your plants, regardless of the surrounding temperature.


  • Sturdy, impact-resistant outer casing with superior insulation for optimal heat retention
  • Fully waterproof inner tray to protect your plants and maintain ideal growing conditions
  • Powerful 50-watt heating element, capable of warming up to 30°C above the ambient temperature
  • Convenient plug-in dimmer for precise and controllable temperature settings
  • Durable, crystal-clear lid for maximum light penetration and easy monitoring of your plants
  • Adjustable ventilation openings for optimal air circulation and humidity control
  • Electronic overheating protection for added safety and peace of mind
  • Dimensions: 60 x 40 x 25 cm

Experience unparalleled success in your gardening endeavors with the Deluxe XL Heated Greenhouse. Its advanced temperature control, ventilation system, and durable construction make it the perfect companion for both experienced and novice gardeners looking to cultivate thriving plants all year round.

What seed trays fit in the propagator you may ask? There are a few possibilities.

Firstly, you can fit one of every tray we have, all the way from the 15-cell low to the 77-cell deep and the Sturdy 28XL.
I must add that using a 28-cell deep or 15-cell deep is not ideal.

Next to that, you can fit two of the following trays:
Sturdy large 15 cells
Sturdy 28 cells
Sturdy 40 cells
Sturdy 60 cells
Sturdy 77 cells
They can be mixed and matched so whichever two you prefer.

It’s also possible to fit three of the Charles Dowding 30 cells in the propagator.
If you want there is space to add three of the Charles Dowding 15 cells to that, or you can just fill up the propagator with nine Charles Dowding 15 cells.

If you are a bigger fan of the Huw trays you can fit in two of the Huw Richards 20 cells.
There is space to add three of the Huw Richards 10 cells to that, or you can fill the propagator with seven of the Huw Richard 10 cells trays.


Weight 3000 g
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 26 cm

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Deluxe XL Heated Greenhouse with Ventilated Lid


Ordered now, delivered Thursday

In stock

In stock

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