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Flowering Tobacco Marshmallow (Nicotiana mutabilis)


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Even though we completely forgot to sow the seeds for our trial beds this year we were certain this flowering tobacco marshmallow will be a success in the garden!
Flowering tobacco is easy to grow and also has a long vase life. Sounds like a perfect flower garden plant!

Planting information to grow flowering Tobacco Marshmallow from seed:
Plant type: half-hardy annual
Height: 75 – 90 centimeters
Position: full sun or partial shade
Start: from 6-8 weeks before the last frost date
Germination: 10-15 days, 18 to 22°C, seeds need light to germinate
Number of days until plants bloom: 90 – 100 days
Distance between the plants: 30-40 centimeters
Pinching: not recommended
Number of seeds per pack: 50, coated

How can you grow flowering tobacco or nicotiana plants from seed?
Flowering tobacco is easy to grow. We start seeds in seed trays with a propagator a few weeks before the last frost. The propagator helps to keep the soil moist but not too wet. Because the seeds are so tiny we offer coated seeds. The coating is not harmful in any way, it is just a small layer around the seeds so seeds are a bit easier to handle. If you have a spare heating mat you can use it to speed up germination. Nicotiana likes to be a bit warmer to start germination. The seedlings are very tiny and grow very slowly.


Weight 15 g
Plant type

Half-hardy annual

Flower height

75 – 90 cm

Plant distance

30 – 40 cm


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Flowering Tobacco Marshmallow (Nicotiana mutabilis)


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