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Gardener Starter Grow Kit – Propagator, Module Trays, Seeds, Labels


Highly durable long-lasting (15 years) vegetable growing kit.
Are you a beginner gardener or have a friend that starting?
This is the perfect gift that is; Eco-friendly, Made from hard plastic, and long-lasting.

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Out of stock

For all the new growers out there we have put together the perfect gardener starter grow kit. We selected the essentials we wish we had when we started our growing our first vegetables and flowers. The kit contains long-lasting (15+ years), eco-friendly gardening tools, and fun and easy-to-grow seeds. Let's have a look at what 5 items we selected for you:

  1. To get more success, and start your season earlier, we selected our two most used trays: The Charles Dowding CD60 seed trays, and the slightly larger version, the 40 cell seed tray. By starting your seeds in seed trays you have more control over the conditions. You will get a higher germination rate and you can start seeds earlier in the season. We also like to use these trays because you can use them to succession plant your vegetables and save space so you can grow more.
  2. Another great addition to your garden kit is the propagation tray. With the transparent lid, you create a mini-greenhouse for your seeds to grow in. you can protect them from heavy rain and strong wind. When the sun is out the temperature inside the propagator will rise, just like it would in a greenhouse. The air ventilation sliders in the cover will allow you to let a small breeze blow in between your seedling to prevent fungi growth.
  3. After sowing your seeds you will need to know who is where! therefore we added a package of rewritable plant labels that also fit inside the propagator (yes this can be an issue!). you can write the plant names on the labels with a pencil. If you like to reuse them simply erase the name with an eraser. We always have some pencils in our greenhouse with an eraser at the end.
  4. Most seeds are very tiny, making it hard to add just one or two seeds to each seed tray cell. This is where the adjustable seed dispenser comes in handy! You can add the seeds to it, and select the right size for the seeds you like to sow. The seed dispenser also works great if you like to direct sow your seeds.
  5. Last but not least: The vegetable seeds! We selected three vegetables that we love to grow, and have great success with, beetroot, radicchio, and spring onions. You may also have seen these vegetables in Charles Dowding's gardening videos on youtube. These vegetables can be continually harvested allowing you to enjoy your hard work for a longer period of time without being overloaded with more than you can eat (or give away).

Whether the Gardener Starter Grow Kit is a gift for your friend or a treat for yourself, we will assure you, you will like it!

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Weight 4000 g
Dimensions 35 × 22 × 60 cm


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