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Growth Guru Pack: The Ultimate Kit for Garden Enthusiasts



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Growth Guru Pack: Elevate Your Gardening Game

Dive deeper into the world of gardening with our meticulously crafted Growth Guru Pack. Every component in this set is designed to streamline your gardening experience, ensuring your plants get the best care from seedling to harvest.

What’s Inside the Growth Guru Pack:

40-Cell Trays (x2): Perfect for the majority of your planting needs, these trays provide ample space for your seeds to germinate and grow.

Deep 40-Cell Tray: Specially designed for plants that need a bit more root space. Ensure your deeper-rooting plants get the start they deserve.

77-Cell Tray: Maximize your planting capacity with this high-density tray. Ideal for plants that have smaller root systems.

Plant Label Sets (x2): Keep track of what you’ve planted with these handy labels. Organization is key to a successful garden!

Relocate Set: When it’s time to give your plants a new home, this set will make the transition seamless.

Harvesting Scissors: Precision is vital when it comes to harvest. These scissors are designed to help you reap the rewards of your hard work without damaging your produce.

Bottom Trays (x3): Ensure consistent moisture levels with our bottom trays that allow for efficient bottom-up watering, reducing the risks of over-watering and promoting healthier root systems.

With the Growth Guru Pack, you’re not just buying tools; you’re investing in a future of thriving plants and bountiful harvests. And to further support your gardening journey, this pack also grants you complimentary access to our comprehensive sowing course.



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Growth Guru Pack: The Ultimate Kit for Garden Enthusiasts


Ordered now, delivered Friday

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