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HT Carrot Parisian market 4


Parisian carrot is the favorite carrot to grow of Nicole! she is obsessed with the sweet flavor and the cute round shape.

10 in stock

10 in stock

Carrot - Parisian Market 4
Nicole likes to grow these typical round carrots from Paris. we sow them From mid-March to early July in the open ground in rows; possibly thin out slightly if needed. This round summer carrot, which can also be grown under glass in early spring and late autumn is great to extend your garden harvest season.

Product features

  • Does well on heavier soils
  • Wonderfully juicy and sweet
  • Can be harvested early to extend the season
  • Snack carrot


  • Sowing time under glass from February until March and again in September.
  • Sowing time in open ground from March until July
  • Harvest time of May until October!

Growing advice

  • Sow in rows in open ground and thin out later
  • Sunny spot
  • Can be started earlier if sown under cover

Seed characteristics

package contains: 5 gram
Seed per gram: 1000


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