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HT Hot pepper – Cayenne long slim


Cayenne is a very hot Spanish pepper variety.

4 in stock

4 in stock

Pepper - Cayenne, long slim (Capsicum Annuum)
Start pepper in early spring seed trays or pots at 20ºC and transplant out in a greenhouse, in a low tunnel, or a sunny protected spot. Cayenne is a really hot pepper to use fresh in Indian cooking; also very suitable for growing on a balcony or patio. To start peppers in a greenhouse you can use a heat mat to increase soil temperature.

Product features

  • Very spicy Spanish pepper;
  • Suitable for cultivation indoors in a pot or in a greenhouse;
  • Can be grown in the open ground in a protected spot in full sun.


  • Sowing under cover February
  • Transplant out after danger of frost has passed and the soil has warmed up
  • Harvest from July till October

Advice and tips

  • Keep the soil sufficiently moist
  • Start indoors

Seed characteristics

package contains: 1,5 gram
Seed per gram:  150


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