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HT Iceberg lettuce – Great Lakes 118


crispy, thick, and well-storing summer salad. Easy to grow variety that will not bolt fast.

3 in stock

3 in stock

Iceberg Lettuce - Great Lakes 118
can be started from Mid-April till the end of July in a seedbed or module tray (Containerwise 40 cell low, CD 60 or 77 cell tray). bolt-resistant crispy lettuce that stores well in the fridge for a relatively long time

Product features

  • Has been specially developed to be able to be stored longer
  • Great Lakes is a thick-leaved, deliciously crunchy lettuce
  • Forms large, sturdy salads


  • indoors from February until March
  • Sowing time outside of April until July
  • Harvest from May until August

Advice and tips

  • Starting at different intervals assures continued harvest throughout summer

Seed characteristics

package contains: 2 gram
Seed per gram: 1000


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