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HT Leek – Winterreuzen 3


Early winter variety leek called winterreuzen 3 (winter giants)

4 in stock

4 in stock

Leek - Winterreuzen 3 (Winter Giants)
Start your leeks at the end of March to mid-May in the open ground in a seedbed and plant out when the plants are the thickness of a pencil. Preferably do not plant leeks next to onions and/or garlic. Leeks can be multi sown according to Charles Dowding's method.

Product features

  • Leek variety for early winter cultivation;
  • Very long harvesting period;
  • Long white shafts.


  • Sow direct or in seed trays from March till May;
  • Harvest from November till February.

Seed characteristics

package contains: 2,5 gram
Seed per gram: 300


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