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HT Onion Noordhollandse Bloedrode


Easy to grow red onion to store and eat during autumn and winter

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Onion - NoordHollandse bloedrode (North Holland red onion)
direct sow this onion from early March to the end of April in the garden in rows and thin out slightly if needed. Spicy-tasting onion that can be stored for a very long time. Dry well after harvest to ensure long storage and onion supply all winter long. We love to use red onion in many dishes and store them in the cellar under our stairs.

  • The red onions have a nice spicy taste
  • This breed has a flat shape
  • The shelf life is excellent


  • sunny spot


  • Sowing time in open ground from March until April
  • Harvest in August and September

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package contains: 4 gram
seeds per gram: 250

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