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HT Spring Onion Long white Ishikura


Easy to grow spring onion, long white Ishikura, with a long harvesting window and a strong flavor. We like to use this variety in salads or Asian dishes.

10 in stock

10 in stock

Spring Onion - long white Ishikura
From March to the end of April in the open ground in rows. Thin out slightly after about 6 weeks or multi sow in the 40 cell seed tray. Mild in taste, ideal for raw vegetable salads; Ishikura produces a long, 2 to 3 cm thick, leek-like stem.

Product features

  • Strong flavor
  • Can be used in dishes or eaten raw in salads
  • This variety develops long white shafts;
  • Is a fairly new type of onion in Europe


  • Sowing under cover from January until February.
  • plant out or direct sow in March and April
  • The harvest window can be from May till August.

Advice and tips

  • We got the most success when seeds were started in the greenhouse
  • The onions can be harvested when the white shafts are of the desired length.

Seed characteristics

package contains: 2 gram
Seed per gram: 250


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