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HT Zucchini Early summer crookneck


Either to eat, or to love as a ornamental piece, this early summer variety Zucchini is a great addition to your garden!

4 in stock

4 in stock

Zucchini Early summer Crookneck
In mid-April under glass, transplant into pots and plant out in mid-May or only then sow outdoors, then transplant in June in fertile soil. Preferably pick when the fruits are about 15 cm long and tender. The pulp is cream-colored and firm; one of the most delectable zucchini-like fruits.

Product features

  • Harvest early for consumption
  • Growing out for ornamental use
  • For glass and open ground cultivation
  • Non-ranking type


  • sunny spot
  • rich, fertile composite is needed to grow big pumpkins


  • Sowing time indoors from April until May
  • Sowing outside from May
  • Harvest time of September until October

Advice and tips

  • Keep the soil moist
  • Plant needs rich soil

Seed characteristics

package contains: 2,5 gram
Seed per gram: 13


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