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Delphinium Misty Lavender (Larkspur) – 150 seeds


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Larkspur or Delphinium Consolida Misty Lavender flower seeds
When we think of an English cottage garden we see roses and Larkspur. Delphinium, also known as Larkspur grows these super tall spikes with eye-catching flowers. Deplhinium or larkspur misty lavender has the perfect color. If you like to grow your own summer bouquet this is definitely a variety you will like! The annual Delphinium is not difficult to germinate as long as the seeds are fresh. The germination rate of the seeds is tested and around 80%. Store your seeds in a closed container in a cool and dry place. You can also store them in your freezer or fridge to keep the seeds fresh for as long as possible.

Planting information to grow larkspur from seed:
Plant type: hardy annual
Height: 100-120 centimeters
Position: full sun or partial sun
Start: in autumn and spring
Number of days until plants bloom: 110-120 days
Germination: 3-4 weeks, cold stratification needed
Distance between the plants: 20 to 30 centimeters
Pinching: not necessary
Number of seeds per pack: 150

How can you grow Larkspur misty lavender from seed?
Larkspur or Delphinium needs a period of cold weather to wake up. This is also known as cold stratification. You can sow the seeds in the autumn in a greenhouse or sheltered spot outside. The fluctuation of the temperature will start the germination. You can also take some seeds from the packages and put them in the freezer or fridge for three weeks and then sow the seeds into seed trays. Never use a heat mat to germinate the seeds. Since the seeds are hardy annuals you could direct sow the seeds in the autumn but the plants don’t like humid, rainy weather and soggy soil. therefore we did not direct-sow seeds in our climate (The Netherlands). We use the fridge method and then place the seed tray in our greenhouse or outside with a cover to protect the seeds from heavy rain. Seeds can be slow to germinate so don’t give up too soon. The seeds we sell have been tested for quality and have a high germination rate. Since seeds can be more challenging to germinate we add two seeds per cell or pot for a higher success rate.

Once the plants have outgrown their cells pot them on. Use high-quality compost and liquid feed if needed because Larkspur is a hungry type. You can plant out your plants in spring. Add additional compost and support the plants with netting or other support material. Once the plants are flowering some additional plant food is recommended. Cut back dead flowers to support new flower growth.

Larkspur is a fantastic cut flower. Cut the stems when about one-third of the flowers have opened and remove most of the foliage. You can also dry the stems for use in dry flower arrangements.



Weight 5 g
Plant type

Hardy annual

Flower height

100 – 120 cm

Plant distance

20 – 30 cm

Days to mature

110 – 120 days

Sun requirements

Full sun or partial sun

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Delphinium Misty Lavender (Larkspur) – 150 seeds


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