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Matthiola incana Anytime Rose seeds
The smell of just a few fresh-picked Matthiola, also known as Stock in early summer will fill your entire room. This Rose-colored Matthiola has a deep rose tone with a lighter center and is very easy to grow. Because the flowers are so big the stems will need some support. Not all the seeds will give double flowers.

Planting information to grow Matthiola from seed:
Plant type: hardy annual
Height: 60-80 centimeters
Position: full sun
Start: Late winter to early spring
Germination: 7-14 days, 18-20°C don’t exclude light
Number of days until plants bloom: 90-100 days
Distance between the plants: 20 to 30 centimeters
Pinching: no
Number of seeds per pack: 100

How do I grow Matthiola plants from seed?
To start the stocks from seeds we sow one seed per cell in a seed tray. Only lightly cover the seeds (they need light to germinate) and place them in a warm and light spot. The seeds are germinating within a few days. Once the seeds have germinated you grow them in cooler conditions. Preferably around the 10°C. This can be outside in a propagator in spring or in a greenhouse or polytunnel as long as the weather conditions are mild. The seedlings grow fast, therefore we don’t start them too early in spring, not before the beginning of March.

Never pinch (cut out the tip to support branching) because the plants grow one large main stem filled with the most fantastic scenting flowers. If you harvested the stem as cut-flower the plants can generate smaller shoots. The smaller stems are more ornamental and often not useful as a cut flower.
Harvest the stems when about one-third or half of the flowers have opened. Just a few stems of stock in a bouquet will fill the entire room with a lovely floral scent. The stems have a vase life of at least 10 days.

Stocks are also a great addition to the garden. The flowers will bloom for a very long time. The long spikes of flowers mix well with other shaped plants in the border. The stems can get very heavy. Some support is recommended especially with heavy wind or air. You could sow twice to extend the flowering season.


Weight 15 g
Plant type

Hardy annual

Flower height

60 – 80 cm

Sun requirements

Full sun

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