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Parsnip Guernsey


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Parsnip – Guernsey
Can be sown from the beginning of April to the end of May on the final spot in garden in rows; thin out if needed. This classic vegetable is eaten boiled and is often used to flavor a broth. Before we started gardening we did not even knew this vegetable existed. The parsnip is originally from the Mediterranean. The plant was already known to the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. On their way north, the Roman soldiers took parsnips with them and found out it grew much larger in colder areas. Parsnips came to Western Europe in the Middle Ages and were an important food before the introduction of the potato.

Product features

  • They taste slightly sweet and spicy at the same time
  • A forgotten classic vegetable, which is getting popular again among the new generation gardeners
  • Can be eaten raw or stewed
  • Can be stored in the ground over winter


  • Best to be sown in open ground
  • sunny spot


  • Sowing time outdoors from April til May
  • Harvest time of November
  • Harvest time until March!

Advice and tips

  • Soil should not get too dry

Seed characteristics

package contains: 5 gram
Seed per gram: 240


Weight 15 g


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Parsnip Guernsey


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