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Phlox Drummondii grandiflora Sugar Stars
Annual phlox Sugar Stars is purple-colored with a white heart. Despite being an annual phlox the seeds are easy to germinate and plants require little attention. The only downside for us was that the bunnies in the neighborhood also liked them a lot. Luckily the plants grow fast and didn’t mind being cut back. The plants start flowering soon on short stems but the longer they flower, the longer the stems will become. Because phlox Drummondii flowers so soon they are great garden plants at first and fantastic long-lasting cut flowers around the middle of summer until autumn. You can also plant them in pots or hanging baskets. Last year we planted them together with dahlias in large iron tubs. If you also like to give away seedlings, this type of annual phlox is always a success! Especially if the plants are not yet flowering you give them. You will definitely get plenty of surprising messages (and reservations for next year!)

Planting information to grow phlox Sugar Stars from seed:
Plant type: hardy to half hardy annual
Height: 45 centimeters
Position: full sun or partial sun
Start: Mar – Apr under glass or outdoor April
Number of days until plants bloom: 60-70 days
Germination: 12 to 21 days at 18-20°C, exclude light!
Distance between the plants: 20 to 30 centimeters
Pruning: no
Number of seeds per pack: 100

How to grow annual phlox Sugar Stars from seed?
Start seeds indoors or in the greenhouse from February till April. Seeds need to be in the dark in order to germinate. Some additional warmth will speed up the germination process. Plant out the seedlings as the weather has warmed up a bit, usually around April. You can direct sow seeds but we have not tried this ourselves yet. You can start the seeds in the 77 cells and transplant them to larger pots later, or plant them out in the garden if the weather allows. Use good quality compost when starting the seeds in seed trays. If you have applied new compost in the autumn additional fertilizer is not required based on our experience. Some support once stems get longer is recommended. Plants also look fantastic in pots, combined with taller plants, or in hanging baskets! We noticed you can not store these seeds for too long. If your seeds are older than 2 years you might get low germination.


Weight 15 g
Plant type

Hardy to half hardy annual

Flower height

45 cm

Plant distance

20 – 30 cm

Days to mature

60 – 70 days

Sun requirements

Full sun or partial sun


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Phlox Sugar Stars


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