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Rooting powder to support root growth on cuttings
If you like to take cuttings from plants like snapdragons, roses, or other plants you can increase the success of new root growth by dipping the open wound of the cutting into rooting powder.
The rooting powder closes the wound and acts as an antifungal agent. The powder also gives the plants a hormone signal to produce new roots. Normally the immature new stems produce these hormones to support growth. The rooting powder fools the cutting in the same way and therefore will be more likely to start growing.

To avoid contamination it is best not to dip the cutting into the rooting powder container.
Because the plants can not get water through the roots it helps to grow the cuttings in a propagator or closed container to maintain higher humidity.
Free draining soil is important to prevent fungal growth. Adding perlite to your potting mixture can help.

The package contains 25 grams of rooting powder.


Weight 44 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 9 cm

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Rooting powder


Ordered now, delivered Tomorrow

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