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Soil and Compost Thermometer Stainless steel °C & °F 5 Inch | 12,5 cm


Easily measure the temperatures of your soil or compost with this handy pocket tester.
Made from stainless steel, measures from ~ -20 °C – +100 °C (~0 °F – 220 °F).

17 in stock

17 in stock

Thermometer for your compost heap or soil temperatures

Measure your soil and compost temperatures with this stainless steel pocket tester.
Want to know if your compost heap is heating up? insert the thermometer all the way and have a look.

When looking at the weather forecast usually the temperature is measured about 5 feet above the ground. Ground levels are usually way colder.
If you want to make sure if your plants will survive or need some protection, measure the soil with the pocket tester.

Size (mm): 127 x 26 (~5" x 1")
Temperatures (°C): ~ -20 °C - +100 °C (~0 °F - 220 °F)
Color: Zilver, Red
Material (Blade): Stainless Steel
Material (Handle): Engineering plastics

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