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Tomato support clips 25x


Tomato support clips are handy and easy to use in combination with ropes.

2 in stock

2 in stock


Tomato support clips

Using tomato support clips is a quick and easy way to guide and support your tomato plants while they are growing.
We like to dig in a rope in the hole before planting the tomatoes out in our greenhouse or garden and tie it up. The roots grow through the rope that you dig underneath, giving it more support. To keep the stems in place and support the heavy tomatoes we use clips. The clips are clamped to the rope to secure them in place and the other side is clamped on the tomato stem. The stem will get support but the clip is not tight around the stem to prevent damage to the plant.

Make sure you do not use a hemp fiber type of rope as it will degrade in the ground faster than your tomatoes are ready!

Easy to use

Suitable for stem sizes up to 23 mm
Amount: 25 per package
material: PP


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