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Zinnia Zinderella Lilac seeds

For a long time, I thought zinnias were difficult to grow because they need summer heat. Once I discovered that they are not difficult at all, I wanted to grow as many as I could. One of the varieties I fell in love with is the Zinnia Zinderella Lilac. The soft pink to lavender-colored flowers are full but not too big. They are great as garden plants but also very suitable for summer bouquets. The flowers grow about 5 centimeters in diameter and the stem length is about 50 to 60 centimeters. Sounds like a great stem length for bouquets! The heart of Zinderella zinnias are dark, giving you a nice contrast with the light petals. Don’t be afraid to pick the flowers because the more zinnias you cut, the more new flowers the plants will grow!

Planting information to grow Zinnia Zinderella Lilac from seed:
Plant type: annual
Height: 60-80 centimeters
Position: full sun
Start: From 3-4 weeks before the last frost indoors or after the frost outdoors
Germination: 7-14 days, 15-25°C
Number of days until plants bloom: 75-90 days
Distance between the plants: 25 – 30 centimeters
Pinching: highly recommended, when plants are 30 cm tall
Number of seeds per pack: 50
Country of origin: The Netherlands

How do you grow Zinnia Zinderella Lilac from seed?
Zinnia seeds are easy to germinate. Only keep in mind that zinnias adore the sun. Seeds need warmth to start germinating. Because the plants can not handle frost you need to start them indoors or on a heat mat in your greenhouse. Zinnias can also be direct sown once the weather has warmed. If slugs and snails are the number one pest in your garden we recommend sowing seeds in seed trays. Once the plants have grown to a decent size they are more likely to survive slug and snail attacks. Because zinnias grow fast we sow the seeds in the deep 40-cell module trays.
Once the summer heat starts and slugs and snails are less of a problem we only deadhead spent flowers. We grow the zinnias on no dig beds and add 2 to 3 centimeters of new compost every year.

Zinnias are fantastic, long-lasting cut flowers. Expect a vase life of 7 to 10 days. Pick stems when the flowers are stiff when you move the stems.


Plant type


Flower height

60 – 80 cm

Sun requirements

Full sun

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Zinnia Zinderella Lilac


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