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Like I mentioned before, this calendar is free. I’ve decided to cover all the cost of the creation myself and all I ask is that you help me share the calendar with your garden friends and we’ll all have a better thriving garden. If you would prefer to get more harvest, feel free to use this calendar!

Inside Of This FREE Sowing Calendar, Here Are A Few Of The Features And Tips That You’ll Be Given For FREE…

Effortless Search: Enter your desired plant in the search bar and get comprehensive sowing guidance. Whether it’s flowers or veggies, the information is at your fingertips.

Today’s Sowing Picks: Simply click “What can I sow today?” and receive a curated list of plants ready for sowing, tailored to the current season.

Your Personalized Vegetable Calendar: Save your favorite plants and easily revisit their sowing guidelines. A customized experience, crafted for your gardening ambitions.

In-depth Sowing Insights: Learn about germination temperatures, transplant times, seed-to-harvest periods, spacing, positioning, and hardiness. All decoded for easy understanding.

Visual Timeline: A monthly view showcasing key timelines for sowing, transplanting, and harvesting. Designed with the Dutch climate in mind, but adaptable for other zones.

Weekly Sowing Updates: Receive reminders during peak sowing months. Never miss a prime sowing opportunity!

Mobile-Optimized Experience: Access your sowing calendar anytime, anywhere, from any device. Garden planning made convenient and mobile.

Comprehensive Seed Database: A vast catalog covering an array of vegetables and flowers, providing you the details you need to sow successfully.

Note Feature: Keep track of your gardening thoughts, reminders, and observations, ensuring you’re always on top of your gardening game.

Why Do So Many Gardeners Love

‘The Online SowBuddy’?

“Navigating all the sowing information felt like solving a puzzle with missing pieces. Then, I found the farm dreams online calendar. It’s like having a personal gardening mentor, guiding me every step of the way.

~ An urban gardener

“I was almost giving up on my gardening dreams. Farm Dream’s calendar brought me back. Now, I sow with confidence!

~ A beginner with a allotment garden from Germany.

“I’ve always dreamt of a garden bursting with color and life. But every time I tried, I felt overwhelmed with contradicting advice, scattered dates, and dashed hopes. The calendar was the compass I desperately needed. With its guidance, I transformed my chaotic patch into a serene sanctuary, one plant at a time.

~ A gardening photographer

“I used to dread sowing season. Too much info, too little time. SowBuddy? It made gardening a piece of cake!

~ From Belgium.

“Gardening was once an intimidating maze of decisions. I’d spend hours wondering whether I was too early or too late, or if I’d picked the right spot. Then, I stumbled upon Farm Dream’s interactive sowing calendar, and it felt like a lifeline. Now, each season brings newfound clarity, and my garden? It’s never looked better!

~ a newfound green thumb

“In the beginning, my garden was a reflection of my confusion – a mismatch of plants sown out of season, or ones that never even sprouted. I was close to giving up when a friend introduced me to the Farm Dream calendar. And just like that, gardening transformed from a perplexing chore to an invigorating journey. Today, I don’t just have a garden; I have a thriving oasis.”

~ A culinary enthusiast growing her own ingredients

SowBuddy shows you exactly

How To Grow More Food
Than You Can Eat…

(… And Other Gardeners Are Using It With Great Succes!)

From: Raymond Meijer
~ Your Growth Expert

Dear fellow gardeners,

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said:

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have never been discovered

The same can be said about sowing seeds in gardening.

Especially if you’re a beginner gardener or struggle with gardening and we all know… you HAVE to sow before you can harvest.

But you don’t know where to start…

Or when to start…

Or how to start…

Making you question if you want to continue gardening.

And the crappy part?

It takes a lot of time if you don’t know what you are doing.

So the more you wait on sowing your seeds… the more chance you won’t succeed… and the less you succeed, the more stress about continuing with gardening.

So your next option is to buy expensive plants from the garden center or find a friend that “MAY” help, but can oftentimes become a weird situation where you keep on asking questions…

But what if it didn’t have to be this way…?

What if (and this may sound impossible) every time you grab your seeds, You knew EXACTLY what to do without thinking and searching nearly as hard…?

And what if every piece of information you need (even if you’ve NEVER sown any seeds in your life)… not only worked, but gives you so much harvest you will need to give food away.

Let me explain you how…

My name is Raymond Meijer and I’m the co-founder of The Farm Dream – your number #1 online garden center that gives people the tools and knowledge to grow their own, so they can be more self-sufficient and live their farm dream.

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit sad


Because I see SO many new (and old) gardeners struggling to grow food.

They’re making all the wrong moves…

And using the wrong tools when it comes to their garden supplies and sowing equipment… WITHOUT really knowing “why” they need them.

Then they ask me… what have they done wrong… how can they get better results and figure out why they are not getting the harvest they expected.

Guess my response…?

I take a look at their sowing and literally within seconds I can see the problem…

And to be completely honest, it’s usually the same problem for 90% of the gardeners who are struggling to get results

It’s not the weather, nor the garden.

It all comes down to one word: Sowing

Your seed sowing… which includes TIMING, DEPTH and WAY MORE… is the key to potentially unlocking your rich, lush garden with more food than you can muster.

“My Greenhouse Is Packed With Young Vegetable Plants
Throughout Spring And Summer

Raymond Meijer, Your Gardening Expert

Sharing the love for the garden one step at a time.

As You Can See…

The Online Sowing Calendar Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World…

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Like I mentioned before, this calendar is free. I’ve decided to cover all the cost of the creation myself and all I ask is that you help me share the calendar with your garden friends and we’ll all have a better thriving garden. If you would prefer to get more harvest, feel free to use this calendar!