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Step by step sowing!


Welcome to our short step-by-step video on sowing seeds. Sowing doesn’t have to be a complex process. With these simple steps, we’ll guide you through the entire procedure. Watch the video and then read the steps below to master the art of sowing.

Steps for Sowing: Tips, Tricks, and Instructions

Preparing the Seed Tray:

  1. Opt for a homemade compost mix. There’s no need to purchase expensive potting or cutting soil.
  2. Create a mix consisting of three parts compost, one part play sand, and one part vermiculite.
  3. As an added tip, sprinkle in a spoon of rooting powder; a secret ingredient in many commercial potting and cutting soils.

Mixing the Soil:

  1. Sift the compost to remove twigs and other large pieces. These can hinder the growth of young plants.
  2. Use two buckets to thoroughly mix the content: pour the mixture from one bucket to the other multiple times.

Filling the Seed Tray:

  1. Fill the tray to the top and level it off.
  2. Press down on the compost slightly, then fill it up to the top once again.

Sowing the Seeds:

  1. Pay attention to the sowing depth; most common mistakes are made here.
  2. A simple rule to follow: the seed should be sown as deep as its size.
  3. Make a small hole in the center of each cell and add the seeds.


  1. Water from the bottom to prevent the seeds from being washed away.
  2. Use a tray to hold the water and place your seed tray in it, letting the soil absorb the water. Refill as necessary.
  3. If you prefer watering from the top, use a fine watering can and do it gently.

Placing your Seed Tray:

  1. Where you position your seed tray depends on the season and the type of seed.
  2. Some plants, like peppers and tomatoes, need to be sown indoors first. Others can be sown directly in the greenhouse.
  3. Always check the recommended sowing times and specific requirements of the plants.

Happy sowing! If you have any questions or wish to learn more, re-watch the video or get in touch with us. Happy gardening!