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Hey, how successful are you at starting your own plants from seed?

If you’ve started your vegetables or flowers from seeds, you know how hard it can be to get good germination and healthy plants.

An empty pot or tray is turning gardening, which should be fun, into a hassle and disappointment.

If you want help growing great seedlings, follow this free course and take a deeper dive into how you can before a successful gardener and learn it in only 20 minutes.

Many gardeners followed this exact course to get a clear understanding of all the aspects of sowing.

All you have to do is…
1. Watch the course
2. Grab a notepad and write down the essentials
3. Use the information to grow your own

And again, it can all be done in just 20 minutes when you watch the course.

More control

In this video, Raymond explains why you should pre-seed and what the benefits are.

Extend the growing season

In this video you will learn how pre-seeding can extend your growing season. Especially in our climate, this comes in handy!

Why less risk of loss

In addition to extending your growing season, your seedlings or seeds are much less likely to fail. In this video, Raymond explains why that is.

More harvest

The reason we sow is of course because we would also like to harvest something delicious! And the more the better of course. In this short video you will learn how to expect more harvest by pre-seeding.

What can you sow?

Some seeds you need to pre-sow early, while other seeds absolutely cannot be pre-sown. To get you started, this video gives you more information on that.

Don’t start to early

Avoid disappointment and start at the right time.

Where do you start seedlings?

You’re convinced to pre-sow, but where do you germinate your seeds? This video will give you the answer to that.


The list of germination temperatures for different seeds, as discussed in the video, can be found in the blog that you can read via the link below:

Germination Temperatures

Light is the determining factor

Without light, your seedlings can’t grow. But when do your seedlings get enough light, and what should you look for? You’ll learn more about it in this video.

What to look out for

You want to start sowing but what should you look for when buying and sowing seeds?

Storage of seeds

Seed bags often contain more seeds than you sow at one time. What is the best way to store the seeds?

Compost / seedling soil

To germinate your seeds, you must first sow them in the right medium. But what soil do you choose for that?

Select seed tray/pot

Which pots, trays or containers do you choose for which seeds, and what should you look for?

You can use the seed tray search engine as discussed in the video via the link below:

Seed tray search engine

Sowing depth

Avoid a common mistake and don’t sow too deep. But how deep do you actually sow the seeds?

Sowing in the line

Every seed bag says the same thing: sow in the line. But what does that really mean? And why should you do it?

Pricking out

Pricking or pricking out emerged seeds is not the easiest of jobs. This video will explain this method and when to apply it.


Multiple seeding may feel contradictory, so in this video Raymond explains what it entails and why you might apply it.

More info


Like light, water is an important element while raising plants. In this video you will learn when and how to provide seeds and seedlings with this essential element.

Where to put the seed tray

After sowing, it is important to create the right conditions for the seeds to germinate.

The video talks about the right temperature, below is the link to the page where you can see at what temperature certain seeds will germinate.

Growth information

Nothing is growing

Growing plants from seeds can sometimes be tricky. Are your seeds not coming up? You may find the answer in this video!

What temperature, why not too hot?

Not only light, but also heat affects the rate of plant growth. In an environment that is too warm, seedlings can start to grow too fast. Therefore it is useful to know at what temperature you can best raise the seedlings.


Through the link below you can read more specifically at what temperature which plant likes to grow:

Growth Information

How and when do you water?

If you water too much your seedlings can rot, but if you water too little they will dry out. So how do you know when and how best to water your seedlings?

Intermediate repotting

If a plant has limited space it cannot grow new roots, and nothing will happen above ground either. Therefore you will have to repot some plants.

Ending of the course

Thank you for taking the pre-seeding course. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email.

Sowing course

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