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Ranunculus is also called the rose of spring. The marshmallow-like soft and full flowers are very popular cut flowers. These delicate bloomers need a little extra protection from cold temperatures. But if properly cared for, the plants will produce an abundance of lush, textural flowers during the second half of spring. Once you have these, homegrown, ranunculus in full bloom you will be in love with them for the rest of your life.

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Harvest your flowers for your homegrown flower bouquet!

Tugging on your plants to harvest the flowers can create unnecessary stress for them. Using these nifty harvesting scissors, you can safely harvest your flowers!


Spring Rose

Ranunculus are blooming in spring, when the summer flowers are merely plants, the ranunculus is already in full bloom. The joyful big and fluffy flowers fill the garden with head-turning flowers. We had neighbors stop and take pictures of these flowers in our front garden!

Is my climate suitable for ranunculus?

Almost anyone situated in Europe (where we ship to) can grow ranunculus. As long as you keep in mind that ranunculus thrives in cooler weather. To grow them you need a period in winter with cooler weather. If your spring is relatively warm and 25 degrees Celsius is not uncommon you have to start the ranunculus in the fall. If you live in a climate similar to The Netherlands you can grow them undercover in the fall, or start them late winter, around February to plant out in March or April.

Extended blooming season

Ranunculus already bloom 90 days after planting them, rather fast for a plant that gives so many big flowers. If planted in succession you can enjoy these flowers from the beginning of spring until summer arrives. The entire spring you will be able to cut endless amounts of these beautiful big flowers that normally are rather expensive at the florist.

Ranunculus grow-along

To enjoy our flowers together we will share our experience and joy for growing ranunculi with you! With detailed information, videos and pictures we will grow our ranunculus together. You can join via email and it is completely free for you to enjoy.

Not difficult to grow

Ranunculus sometimes has a bad name for being difficult to grow. And yes, if you compare ranunculus with tulip bulbs they need a bit more care. An endless field of tulips is grown in The Netherlands because they thrive in the Dutch climate. Ranunculus are grown in fields and greenhouses in for example Italy, where winters are milder and less rainy. But with a bit of protection and help, you can grow ranunculi with success. Therefore you can become part of the grow-along. The grow-along is a free e-mail course for all our customers. We at The Farm Dream grow our ranunculus together with you.

What ranunculus to buy online?

There are many different types of ranunculuses available. The most sold types are for pots or the garden. They are smaller and often not very suitable as a put flower because the stems are not strong enough. After a few days, the stem will collapse. We only sell the cut flower ranunculus bulbs. These are the varieties you can normally buy as cut flowers at your local florist. They are all hand pollinated (F1) in order to get the high-quality flowers you want to have. Hand pollination is a labor-intensive task but it is well worth the effort! Of course, this is why common garden types are cheaper than special ones.