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HT climbing squash Black Forest F1


Black forest is the most productive squash we have ever seen. Very long harvest window and easy to grow zucchini. This ranking type is perfect for growing vertically in smaller gardens.

4 in stock

4 in stock

Climbing Zucchini - Black Forest F1
This variety was the first zucchini Raymond and Nicole grew! All time favorite returning to the garden each year. Produces multiple fruits per week during long summer days! Friends and family will love you for this zucchini machine (no joke!) Black Forest F1 in a very productive and healthy zucchini. Harvest the fruits young and give the plant a rack or tie to save space in the garden or let it find it's way on the ground or on the roof of a shed.

Product features

  • Strong plant
  • High yield
  • rich flavor
  • Climbing variety


  • Sow open ground
  • Grown under glass
  • Sunny and sheltered


  • Sowing time indoors from April
  • Sowing time indoors until May
  • Harvest time of June
  • Harvest time until October

Advice and tips

  • Start under glass in pots and plant out after danger of frost has passed
  • When grown vertically best to place the support under an angle to support heavy fruits on the stem.
  • Needs rich soil to produce many fruits, additionally feed throughout summer to get fruits till the first frost.

Seed characteristics
package contains: 8 seeds
Seeds with a high germination rate
This variety is hand-pollinated


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