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HT Red oak leaf lettuce


colorful, red oak leaf salad with a very long harvesting window.

1 in stock

1 in stock

Lettuce - Red oak leaf/red salad bowl
Colorful lettuce, best sown from mid-March to the end of August in the open ground or module trays. Do not sow too close and thin out slightly if necessary. The lettuce leaves can be picked for a very long time, as long as the heart of the plant remains intact. Very suitable for garnishing dishes or mixed salads due to the beautiful red-colored leaves.

Product features

  • Also called oak leaf lettuce
  • Forms soft curled leaves
  • colorful lettuce


  • Sow from March until August
  • Harvesting from May until October!

Advice and tips

  • Starting at different intervals allows continued harvest throughout summer
  • Picking the outer leaves without removing the head assured continues harvest for many weeks!

Seed characteristics

package contains: 2 gram
Seed per gram: 1000


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