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HT Spring onion White Lisbon


We love to grow spring onions! They are easy to grow,can be harvested relatively fast and are a great addition to many dishes.

3 in stock

3 in stock

Spring onion - White Lisbon
Sow early March to late April in the open ground in rows. Thin out slightly after about 6 weeks. Deliciously mild fresh onion taste. For fresh use in salads cut at a height of approx. 30-35 cm. The onion will regrow from the base. We grow them abundantly and like to use this type of onion in Asian dishes.

Product features

  • Has a nice taste, slightly spicier than the regular onion
  • Spring onions are delicious in (raw) vegetable dishes and as topping on soups


  • We had the best results with directly sown seeds, rather close together in rows.
  • sunny spot


  • Sowing time indoors from April until May
  • Sowing time open ground from May until June
  • Harvest time of July until September

Advice and tips

  • Keep the soil moist
  • Onions can be harvested when the stems are between 2 to 3 cm.

Seed characteristics

package contains: 4 gram
Seed per gram: 250


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