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HT Zucchini gold rush F1


Beautiful yellow color in your garden and on your plate with zucchini gold rush.

10 in stock

10 in stock

Zucchini - Gold Rush F1
Can be sown mid-April under glass, transplant in pots and plant out in mid-May or only then sow outdoors and plant out in June. Harvest the zucchini at a young (15/20 cm) stage. The plant will then continue to produce new fruits for quite some time.

Product features

  • Forms elongated yellow fruits
  • Fruit production is very good
  • Suitable for cultivation in open ground and greenhouse
  • non-ranking variety


  • Can be sown in open ground but best started indoors or in a greenhouse
  • sunny spot


  • Sowing time indoors from April until May
  • Sowing time open ground from May until June
  • Harvest time of July until September

Advice and tips

  • Keep the soil moist and rich, zucchini needs a lot of water and nutrients to produce many fruits

Seed characteristics

package contains: 2 gram
Seed per gram: 7


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