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HT Carrot Nantes 2


nantes 2 is a summer carrot, perfect for the family garden because of it’s long harvesting window! Because of the sweet summer flavor children will like them as well.

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6 in stock

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Summer carrot - Nantes 2
Summer carrot nantes can be sown from mid-March to early July in the open ground on rows; possibly thin out slightly. Sweet summer carrot, which can be left for quite a long time and then gives a high yield.

Product features

  • Can stay in the ground for a longer period making it perfect for your family garden
  • Summer carrot
  • sweet flavor
  • high yield
  • uniform shaped carrots


  • Sowing time outside of March until July
  • Harvest time of July until October

Growing advice

  • Sow in rows in open ground and thin out later
  • Do not let the soil get too dry

Seed characteristics

package contains: 6 gram
Seed per gram: 1000

Additional information

Weight 150 g