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HT Rhubarb – Victoria


Rhubarb Vicoria grows beautiful long red stems, great to make a deep red purée with. Rhubarb plants will last you for years.

4 in stock

4 in stock

Rhubarb - Victoria
Start your rhubarb in April or May in seed trays, pots, or open ground. If needed pot on young plants when they are about 25 cm and plant out in the fall. Rhubarb can last for years, so find a good spot in the garden. You can harvest your homegrown rhubarb from the 2nd or 3rd year.

Product features

  • This variety grows beautiful red stems;
  • Ideal to cook red purée from;
  • rhubarb is a crop that can be harvested very early in the season.


  • start seed in April or May;
  • Plant out in the fall;
  • Expect harvest from early spring.

Seed characteristics

package contains: 1 gram
Seed per gram: 60


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