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Agastache Apricot sprite (Hyssop) – 35 seeds


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Agastache Apricot sprite or Hyssop flower seeds

Looking for a showstopper in your garden that’s sure to spark conversations? Meet the Agastache ‘Apricot Sprite’—a true gem that captivates everyone who passes by. Our experience is a testament to its allure, as these flowers grace our front yard along a busy street. Each time I’m out in the garden, passersby can’t help but share their admiration for its beauty. The demand is so high that I’ve started a waiting list for next year’s seedlings, with friends and family eager to showcase this Agastache in their gardens.

But what makes it so irresistible? It’s not just the eye-catching color; the fragrance is delightful, and the blossoms make a refreshing herbal tea. Plus, it blooms profusely, thrives in full sun, and requires minimal water and care. It’s easy to see why this flower is an award winner!

Planting information to grow Agastache from seed

Plant type: short-lived hardy perennial (-16°C)
flowers grow 50 to 60 centimeters tall
Will do great in full sun
Sowing time:
late winter to late spring
Bloom time:
starts 120 days after sowing
25-30 centimeters between each plant
Takes 14-21 days in temperatures of 15-20°C
not needed because plants naturally branch and grow bushy
July to October, depending on the weather and moment of sowing
Pollinator-friendly: Yes, the open flowers are visited by bees and other insects
Recommended seed tray or pot: any small to medium-sized cell (3-4 cm) seed tray or pot will work
Level of difficulty: germination can be slow and a bit tricky
The package contains: 35 seeds

Tips to grow to germinate and grow hyssop or Agastache

Ready to plant your seeds? It’s is not as difficult as it may seem, and I am sure you will manage to grow this flower from seed. Grab a pot or module tray filled with high-quality but fine-seed compost. Sow your seeds gently on top and give them a soft push into the compost—just a light touch, no need to bury them. Seeds like a bit of sunlight to wake up and start growing. Pop them into a propagator (mini-greenhouse) or just cover them with a clear plastic lid, and keep them cozy at a warm 18 to 20°C. You can use a seedling heat mat if your greenhouse or room is cooler.

When it comes to watering, keep it simple: water the base to keep the soil nicely moist, but let’s not make it soggy. In about 14 to 28 days, you’ll see the magic happen as they begin to sprout. Once they do, let a little fresh air in gradually. This keeps your tiny plants healthy and strong, avoiding any damping off.

Once the seeds have germinated you can lower the temperature or turn off your heat mat. Too much heat in their early stage of life will only make them grow fast but with little strength. If you started your seeds in February or March you might want to make the transition to the outdoors as gentle as possible. You can do this by first transferring the seedlings to a greenhouse. If you don’t have a greenhouse, don’t worry. You can use the propagator or a transparent plastic box to make the transition to the outdoors a bit less hard. After a few weeks your seedlings will have grown a lot bigger and stronger. Now it’s time to plant them out to their final spot in the garden. They love to be in the sun and like to root in well-draining soil.

You might be tempted to plant closer than 25 centimeters apart. Trust me, don’t do it. Agastache Apricot Sprite is a perennial plant that will grow and live for 4 to 5 years. You can plant some annual flowers in between during their first summer so it doesn’t look empty. In their second year you will notice that the plants have tripled in size.

When to pick the flowers

Agastache may not be the most popular cut flower on the market. But the flowers are shaped so beautifully and the fragrance is fantastic. If you enjoy colorful (summer cocktail-style) and unique bouquets I’d recommend a combination of Zinnia Queen lime orange, Zinnia Queen lime Blush, Flowering tobacco Starlight Dancer, and Scabiosa Beaujolais Bonnets.


Plant type

Hardy perennial

Flower height

60 – 80 cm

Days to mature

100 – 120 days

Sun requirements

Full sun to partial shade



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Agastache Apricot sprite (Hyssop) – 35 seeds


Ordered now, delivered Tuesday

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