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Calendula Orange Flash (Marigold) – 100 seeds


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Calendula officinalis Orange Flash flower seeds

Calendula officinalis Orange Flash flower seeds are incredibly easy to grow and incredibly rewarding. These marigolds feature abundant blooms with soft caramel-toned or brown sugar-colored centers, and their petals vary in shades from apricot to warm orange. If you can only choose one type of calendula, this should be it!

Plant information to grow calendula orange flash from seed

Plant type: hardy to half-hardy annual
Height: flowers grow 50 – 60 centimeters tall
Position: prefers full sun but will also flower in partial shade
Planting time: from 4-6 weeks before the last frost in seed trays
Bloom time: starts 55 – 60 days after sowing.
Spacing: 25-30 centimeters between each plant
Germination: Takes 7 – 10 days in temperatures of 15-20°C
Pinching: No it is not needed
Flowers: Juli to October, depending on the weather and moment of sowing
Pollinator-friendly: yes
Recommended seed tray or pot: Can be started in any small to medium-sized seed tray
The package contains: 100 seeds

How to sow Calendula ‘Orange Flash’ seeds

Calendula seeds can be sown directly at the desired flowering location in April and May. Remember that these seeds prefer to germinate in darkness.

For a head start, you might consider sowing the seeds indoors or in a greenhouse. Begin this process approximately 4 to 6 weeks before the last expected frost. Alternatively, you can sow them in the greenhouse during the autumn to allow them to overwinter, leading to early flowering the following spring. Given the rapid growth of these plants, it’s advisable to start the seeds in 40-cell trays or larger. If you have the option, we suggest the 28-cell tray. You can add calendula to your personal sowing calendar.


As calendula ranges from hardy to half-hardy annuals, you can safely transplant them outdoors around the date of the last expected frost. If you choose to do this slightly earlier, ensure you acclimate, or ‘harden off’, the plants to the outdoor conditions first.

Tips for Cut Flowers

If you’re growing calendula for cut flowers, achieve the longest vase life by cutting the flowers just before they bloom. Should the flower heads droop shortly after being picked, they were likely harvested too prematurely. The initial blooms are usually the most substantial and of the highest quality. Consider successive plantings if you wish to enjoy a continuous harvest over an extended period. Plan these sowings about 3 to 4 weeks apart. You might want to support taller varieties to grow tall, straight stems. The flowers will last up to 7 days in the vase.


Weight 5 g
Plant type

Half-hardy annual

Flower height

60 cm

Plant distance

30 cm

Days to mature

55 – 60 days

Sun requirements

Sun or half sun



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Calendula Orange Flash (Marigold) – 100 seeds


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