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Copper Harvesting Sickle


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Keep a handy pocket-sized copper harvesting sickle with you wherever you go. Whether you’re in your garden, exploring nature, or on an outdoor adventure, this compact sickel or knife is ready to assist with precision harvesting and cutting tasks. With this pocket-sized copper sickle, you have the perfect companion for easy and efficient harvesting, no matter where your adventures take you.

This is why a copper harvesting sickle or pocket knife is handy:

Copper has been used for centuries and is known for its durability, antimicrobial properties, and aesthetic appeal. This material has been forged into a beautiful hand tool. Here’s why the copper Sickle is such a pleasure to work with:

  1. Durability: Copper is notoriously resilient. It doesn’t rust, ensuring your tool retains its pristine shine and strength even after prolonged exposure to the elements.
  2. Natural Antimicrobial Properties: Copper naturally repels pests and prevents the transmission of plant diseases, ensuring a healthier and more vibrant garden.
  3. Environmentally Friendly: Unlike many modern metals, copper is sustainable. It doesn’t degrade the soil and contributes trace elements that can benefit plant growth.

The Perfect Fusion of Functionality and Elegance

Constructed with solid copper and complemented by a beechwood handle.

  • Dimensions: Length: 28 cm, Width: 12 cm
  • Weight: A comfortable 200g, perfect for prolonged use without causing fatigue.

Proudly manufactured by leading European artisans, over 92% of this tool is made from genuine copper, guaranteeing quality and durability. We believe in our product so much that we offer a 5-year warranty on the metal components and a 2-year warranty on the wooden handle.

Invest in Quality
While copper tools might come with a premium price tag, remember that true quality often does. When you invest in, for example, this copper sickle, you’re not just buying a tool; you’re investing in a legacy. The tools will not only serve you but can be passed down through generations, still retaining its functionality and beautiful artistic style. Check out this video and learn how to keep your copper knife sharp.



Weight 165 g
Dimensions 26 × 3 × 3 cm

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Copper Harvesting Sickle


Ordered now, delivered tomorrow

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In stock

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