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Rudbeckia Hirta Sputnik flower seeds
Rudbeckia Hirta, also known as black-eyed Susan, is a North American flowering plant in the family Asteraceae. Coneflowers, asters, and chrysanthemums also belong to the same family as the rudbeckia. the flowers are daisy-like and appear in late summer and early autumn. Due to selective breeding, many different colors and varieties are now available, making them more popular as border plants and cut flowers.
As the flowers of the rudbeckia Sputnik ripen, the petals unfold, showing the more brown-colored center of the flower.

Planting information to grow rudbeckia Sputnik from seed:
Plant type: half-hardy annual
Height: 75 – 90 centimeters
Position: full sun or partial shade
Start: late winter to late spring
Number of days until plants bloom: 100-120 days
Distance between the plants: 30-40 centimeters
Pinching: no recommended
Number of seeds per pack: 50

How to grow rudbeckia from seed
Sow your rudbeckia seed in late winter to late spring. Rudbeckia hirta is a short-lived perennial or biennial but often grown as a half-hardy annual. The seeds are germinating the easiest in a more warm environment, for example indoors or in a greenhouse on a heat mat if the weather is still cold.
Seeds can also be sown directly where they are to flower, two weeks before the last expected frost, but to give them a head start, sow indoors from mid-February to June, about six to eight weeks you can plant the seedlings out in the garden. The seeds need light to germinate, don’t cover the seeds with soil.


Weight 15 g
Plant type

Half-hardy annual

Flower height

75 – 90 cm

Plant distance

30 – 40 cm

Days to mature

100 – 120 days

Sun requirements

Full sun to partial shade


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Rudbeckia hirta Sputnik


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