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Diana's mooie moestuin

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Here is the thing…

A plant will grow in any pot you will give it. It wants to grow, so it will.
But, it will thrive in optimal conditions.

I used to focus on; compost, water, extra nutrients, and special seeds.

But once I realized the space they grow in determines so much more than everything. My plants started to thrive.

It’s all about the size of the pot or cell. Every plant has a preference, start the test and learn what you can do to help your plants thrive.

takes only 10 seconds


In Three Steps To More Harvest

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1. Find your seed tray

Select what you want to grow and find your perfect seed tray using the quiz

Sturdy 40 cell seed tray peas

2. Get your plan

Within 10 seconds you get your personalized suggestion for your growing adventure

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3. Start growing healthy food

Grab your seed trays and get success with sowing, save time, and harvest in abundance.

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Join all garden enthusiasts who have made the switch to our grow trays. See the difference our products make in achieving a bountiful harvest. Our satisfied customers experience the pleasure of strong, healthy plants and a bountiful harvest every day!

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About Our ‘Sturdy Seed Trays’

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4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 1,048 reviews)

“What a top thing the seeding tray is! Well packaged, fast delivery…I was soon able to get started. It is a bit expensive, but the quality is many times better than the plastic gears I use. I want to replace those. My wish list is well filled for now.”


“We bought several sizes of seed trays and are very happy with them. They are sturdy and functional, highly recommended.

Michel de Veld

“I have ordered several seed trays on several occasions. The seed trays are good quality and very sturdy. Fast delivery and good service! 😃”

Janke van Dijk

“A friend introduced me to this material and I was hessitant to test it out. I used to plant in a tray with many seeds, but now I sow one seed per box, and transplanting will be easier. I just regret not buying more.


“Through Diana’s mooiemoestuin I found very fine seed trays here. We ordered several sizes and enjoy using them. What is very nice is that they are not that big.”


“When you talk about durable, you win these trays. These really will last you a lifetime. And the sizes are good. I have been using them for over a year and a half now and am really super satisfied. I use virtually no loose jars or those thin trays that break down quickly.”

Robert Nijland

“My Greenhouse Is Packed With Young Vegetable Plants Throughout Spring And Summer

Raymond Meijer, Your Gardening Expert

Sharing the love for the garden one step at a time.

Rodebieten in zaaitray

How Does Our Tray Compare?

Sturdy Seed Tray Bio Pot Weak Tray
1. Build To Last
2. Grow's seedlings
3. Easy to clean
4. Reusable for 15 years
5. Regulates water
6. Modular system
7. No Root Bounding
8. Carry with one hand
9. Transplant with ease

Try the seed trays for 90 days. No strings attached

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Free, speedy delivery right to your door.

Sowing course - top

Speedy delivery right to your door.

Sturdy 40 cell seed tray peas

Grow in it for 90 days,
risk free.

Sugar Snap Germination

Change your mind? We’ll pay for the refund.

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