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Containerwise Charles Dowding Module Tray (cd60)


Charles Dowding module tray from Containerwise.
Currently the most wanted Module Tray on the market.

Charles Dowding is well known in the garden community for his No-Dig gardening method on YouTube.
With more than 40 years of gardening experience, he made a very versatile Module Tray suitable for any type of gardener.

153 in stock

153 in stock

The Containerwise Charles Dowding Module Tray.

Start all your small seedlings indoors or in smaller spaces and extend your growing season and safe space. Never throw away damaged module trays again because this tray is made out of strong and long-lasting material with at least 15 years of growing pleasure.

The module tray has a big drainage hole that prevents waterlogging and makes it really easy to pop out your plants. Due to the sturdy material you only need one hand to hold the tray so you have one extra hand to plant out your seedlings.

The tray is made out of recycled materials and can be recyclable when you don’t need it anymore.

Read our Blog about the trays to learn more!

Eco Friendly
Recycled and recyclable
15 Year Life-expectancy
60 cells
Sturdy material

Tray Size (mm): 350 x 210 x 44 (~14” x 8” x 1,7”)
Cell Size (mm): 29.5 x 29.5 x 44 (~1,2” x 1,2” x 1,7")
Cell Volume (cm³): 21
Plants per m²: 815
Weight (kg): 0.300
Drainage Hole Diameter (mm): 14 (~0,55”)

People from the UK can order their Charles Dowding module tray here

Additional information

Weight300 g
Dimensions35 × 21 × 44 cm

4 reviews for Containerwise Charles Dowding Module Tray (cd60)

  1. H. Martens

    Great trays! Can’t wait to receive the new batch.

  2. Rian

    Made from very strong plastic that will last years. All other trays I used before are just garbage compared to this.

  3. Carmen Modde

    Aanbevolen (en mede ontwikkeld) door Charles Dowding “himself” (ik volg hem sinds 2018 en werk volgens zijn beproefde NoDig methode) zijn deze propagation trays een must voor mij.
    Gelukkig dat The Farm Dream ze nu aanbiedt.
    Oerdegelijk materiaal en een mooie maat voor de kleinere zaailingen. Handig in gebruik.
    De Containerwise 40 cellen trays vind ik wel een noodzakelijke aanvulling voor grotere zaailingen en multi-sown plantjes.

  4. chrissie.marshall

    What a fantastic product and they will last for many years, solid contruction and love that the hole at the bottom is big enough for you to push out your plants, also the seller Raymond responed fast as to any questions I put to him. Highly recommend. Treat yourself you won’t be dissapointed. Thank you

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